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Weight Loss Packages

Burn my Fat Lipotropic IM Injections

Are you struggling to move a few extra kilos?
My London Skin Clinic fat burning Lipotropic IM injections can help you reduce stored body fat, increase energy to work out more and speed up your metabolism.

Let My London Skin Clinic help you on your weight loss journey with a Lipotropic Injection package that will help:
  • Increase your bodies metabolism fat
  • Enhance your liver function in removing fat
  • Regulate cholesterol buildup
  • Help remove toxins from your liver
  • Control your appetite
  • Relieve depression and anxiety
  • Improve adrenal function
For best results and depending on current BMI, 3 months of treatment is recommended.

Not your regular BCAA (ILV)

Sick of drinking BCAA’s during your workout? Now you can have a quick and effective IV to boost endurance, reduce muscle soreness and improve athletic performance.

The BCAA injection is beneficial in helping building muscle, improve stamina, decrease exercise related fatigue and reduce the rate of muscle wasting.


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