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STD Testing

STD Testing

Are you currently having symptoms that you think may be caused by an STD, or you want STD and/or HIV testing for other reasons, get in contact with us as soon as possible for very discreet and fast STD screening.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are bacteria or viruses passed from person to person through sexual contact. Sometimes they are referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
STIs often have no symptoms or symptoms can go unnoticed. If you are sexually active and changing partners, we recommend that you do a full, comprehensive STD check for peace of mind.

Speak to our team for confidential advice.
- 100% confidential
- Same Day Results*
- Free doctor consultation
- Highly accurate & reliable

Food Intolerance Testing

Do you suffer from:
- Abdominal bloating
- cramping
- water retention
- irritable bowel syndrome
- constipation or diarrhea
- migraine
- fatigue
- mood change
- impaired concentration
- arthritis or joint pain
- asthma
- weight gain
- infertility

These could be symptoms of food intolerances.

How do you test for food intolerances?
A simple blood test is taken and sent to a lab to measure your immune system's response to particular foods by measuring the allergy-related antibody known as immunoglobulin E (IgE).

What happens if I have positive results?
You should avoid the foods you tested positive for and rotate to those foods showing only a mild reaction.

Which foods are included in the Food intolerance test at My London Skin Clinic?
286 types of food included in the food detection test such as:
- All dairy products and egg
- Fruits
- Fish and seafood
- Herbs and spices grains
- All types of meats
- Nuts and seeds
- Grains and vegetables
- Miscellaneous (coffee, yeast, tea, honey)


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