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“We Never compromise on Quality and ensure you receive the Best treatment designed for you.”

Whatever is your concern, our doctors will be able to assess, diagnose and manage your condition, from within and externally. Our doctors analyse the cause of your Alopecia and then treat it accordingly.


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What is Liquid Gold PRP?


So how does PRP Work?

The Sample obtained which is rich is platelets is then injected into the area of concern, whether this is the scalp for hair loss or the skin for scar repair for example. The platelet rich plasma then activates the bodies repair cascade releasing growth factors to the injected site, which in turn increase the number of regenerative cells. These cells then are designated a job, which is to locally heal and repair the damaged cell, which in this case would be the hair follicles.

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Platelet Rich Plasma, known as PRP for short, is in essence part of the blood which repairs damaged cells in your body. These cells are designed to repair damaged cells and when we focus this on affected areas, such as scars or hair loss/alopecia, the aim is to repair and rejuvenate the area.

How do you get PRP?

A blood sample is taken from you just like a routine blood test. This sample is then centrifuged in the clinic at extremely high speeds to separate the Platelets from the remaining blood cells leaving you with what we call Liquid Gold- the colour of the platelet Rich Plasma.

Any Side Effects from PRP?


Side effects from PRP are limited as we are using your own autologous blood so reactions are rare.

Usually there is a risk of bruising at the injection site which is sometimes possible. We apply numbing agent to the area so its virtually painless treatment.

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Why should I come to you for PRP?

We use advanced techniques to ensure you get high quality PRP extracted from your blood after we do initial screening tests. These tests ensure there is no underlying medical condition causing your hair loss. Once we have the extracted PRP, we activate it and administer it to your scalp using our state of the art most advanced PRP Gun in the market, the Mesogun U225.

This technique using the gun ensures that with each injection a perfect amount of PRP droplet is administered into the affected scalp area, and your liquid gold PRP isn’t wasted. This also ensures a super fast technique therefore less pain and also maximum area is covered.

The advantage of using this gun include;

-Super fast Pain free delivery system

-Equal distribution of your liquid gold PRP

-Multiple miropunctures to the skin releasing further platelets from within increasing the effectiveness of the PRP.

-Larger coverage of the scalp quicker therefore minimising the time for you spent as a patient in the clinic

– Perfect Depth of injection is achieved each and everytime accurately.


What to expect during Treatment?

You will see a doctor first to assess the cause of your alopecia /hairloss. If it found that you are suitable then you will proceed for the treatment.

First a topical numbing cream is applied to your scalp so that it can start to numb the area.

A small amount of blood is taken from your non dominant arm, similar to a blood test, which is then taken to a centrifuge machine.

The blood Is spun as super high speeds to allow the blood to be separated at different levels, leaving the high-quality liquid gold PRP.

This is then extracted into a syringe and delivered via the meso u225 gun into your scalp and affected areas of hair loss.

After the procedure you can go back to your daily activities.

We advise not to shower for at least 12 hours after the procedure to allow maximum effectiveness of the PRP to absorb into the scalp.

Key Things to Know

Before you have PRP treatment, our team will book a consultation with you. We will;

  • carry out a thorough consultation
  • assess your alopecia/hair loss
  • discuss your goals
  • address any specific concerns you may have.

You will be guided through the procedure and recommend the best course of action for you.

Before receiving the treatment, you’ll have specific precautions to follow and advise you on necessary preparations.

Preparing for PRP.

Just like with any injection, you’ll only need to refrain from taking any drugs or blood-thinning medications a few days before unless contraindicated. If you have any medical conditions, please discuss them with us to ensure a safe and tailored treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PRP injections are safe as we use your own blood and extract the PRP from it, therefore risk of any reaction is low.

Like any medical procedure, PRP carries some mild temporary side effects, including pain or swelling at the injection sites, bruising, mild headache can be noted.

At My London Skin Clinic, we prioritise the safety and effectiveness of our treatments, to minimise the risk of infections, complications and unsatisfactory results. We always numb the area to be treated to ensure a virtually painless experience.

PRP known as Platelet-Rich-Plasma contains growth factors which are designed to repair rejuvenate and heal damaged cells. Therefore Hair follicles which are damaged show signs of improvement and regrowth can be seen. It is highly effective on the correct patient and has shown to promote thicker healthier hair.

Yes it does. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains growth factors which improve cellular damage, and therefore damaged skin, such as scars, show signs of improvement after PRP. At My London Skin Clinic we use the highest quality of PRP with latest advanced technologies administering it to your skin to ensure effective uptake and excellent results.

No, we use topical numbing cream when treating the affected area, and also use an advance delivery system , the U225 PRP Gun, which has ultra fast injection delivery of the PRP into the skin, causing minimal discomfort with maximum benefit.

The effects of PRP vary between individuals depending upon the area of concern and how much damage the cells are. This can typically vary between 1 session a year, to multiple sessions depending on the affected area.