Why Us?

“Using 99.9% of the Purest form of NAD+ sourced from the USA.” 

With 10+ years of expertise, our internationally trained team of doctors bring their skills to improve your vitality and health.  

We focus on using the highest quality of NAD+ in the middle east and pride ourselves in delivery bespoke treatment plans.  

At My London Skin Clinic, you can rest assured you are receiving the best possible care for you and your family’s health. 


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What is NAD+?

How Do They Work?

IV NAD+, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a vital coenzyme derived from Vitamin B3. NAD is found in every cell of our body and plays a vital role in cellular function. One of the crucial roles of NAD is to maintain the integrity of our DNA and protect our body from diseases and ageing.

NAD has 2 forms, an active and inactive form. The active form is known as NAD+ and the inactive form is known as NADH. However, as we age NAD production decreases making us vulnerable to age-related health issues and diseases.  This is often manifested in many ways, such as brain fog, chronic diseases, or simply feeling tired.

NAD+ IV drips are a special formulation given to patients through intravenous infusion to ensure 100% bioavailability of the coenzyme. IV NAD is given to replenish and boost your NAD+ levels which can show benefits in anti-aging, cognitive function improvement such as brain fog, prevent diseases like dementia, improve overall energy and mood imbalances, whilst also regulating sleeping patterns.

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Who can Benefit from NAD+ IV Drips?

Several studies have suggested that NAD decreases with age, stress and environmental factors, which are linked to many chronic age-related diseases.  Since ageing is inevitable, we can all expect a decline in cellular NAD production. It may be difficult to achieve your peak performance with this decline, and symptoms which are difficult to explain with conventional medicine.   

NAD+ IV drips are excellent for:

  • Anti Ageing  
  • Fatigue  
  • Peak Athletic performance  
  • Diabetes
  • Mood Disorders  
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Huntington’s Disease  
  • Heart Disease  
  • Substance Addiction  
  • Sleep Disorders  
  • Dementia /Alzheimer Disease 


Therefore, seeing one of our Health and Wellness Specialist Doctors at My London Skin Clinic, we are able to examine and investigate to see if you can benefit from some form of NAD+ replacement. 

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How is My NAD+ IV Therapy 99.9% Pure compared to others?

We at My London Skin Clinic take pride in our quality of service and products. Thats why we source the best and purest form of NAD+ in the region, from our  reputable laboratories to ensure you are getting the highest quality of NAD+ therapy.


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Things to Know

Before, During and After the Procedure


  • NAD infusion drips are delivered to your veins via a cannula and are like a normal drip infusion. However, the duration of an IV NAD is slightly longer than a normal drip to prevent side effects such as palpitations, flushes, cramping and etc. Depending on your dose, your drip may be prolonged.  
  • Keep yourself comfortable and enjoy our cinematic experience in our IV lounge. Whether its your favourite movie on Netflix, or you want to catch up on your regular series on Amazon Prime or Disney+, we got something for you all to enjoy.


  • Enjoy the benefits of NAD+ Therapy. Every individual experience is different, however most of our patients feel more energised, better recovery and fitness performance, and sleep much better that night experiencing superior quality of sleep.  
  • The effects of the drip are immediate and gradual, and can last upto 3 months depending on your goals.
  • You can leave the clinic feeling refreshed, with a small plaster on your arm and back to your normal activities with no down time.



  • Have a meal before the drip- It is important to keep your blood glucose level regulated and optimal during the IV drip session. Some vitamins in our IV drips may lower your blood glucose levels. Low blood glucose may cause symptoms of dizziness, light headed and even nausea which may affect the experience of the drip itself. So, have a nice healthy meal before coming in for your session!  
  • Stay Hydrated-  While all our IV drips helps with hydration, a dehydrated body may result in difficult venous access. If you are well hydrated, your veins will be more prominent, and it would be easier for our experience team members to locate a suitable vein for venous access. So drink up and stay hydrated during the drip. Nevertheless rest assured our experienced nurses with experience in dialysis, ITU and emergeny medicine are well trained in dealing with patients with difficult veins, which is why we are known as having some of the Best Cannulating nurses in Dubai.
  • Come Relax, Take it Easy and Don’t worry-  We know it might be your first time trying out a drip. IV NAD+  sessions are supposed to be relaxing and a painless experience, further enhanced by our massaging chairs and a selection of Television programmes to chose from, to ensure a pleasant journey.
  • Our expert team of doctors and nurses will guide you through the process and be with you throughout the process. All our clients love their IV NAD+ sessions with us and highly recommend us.  


Frequently Asked Questions

IV NAD infusion increases the levels of NAD+ and replaces the loss of NAD production due to aging. Several studies suggest that elevated levels of NAD+ can reverse or slow down the process of aging, improve brain and health function, improve energy levels, improve muscle and athletic performance, improve the immune system, improve sleep regulation, improve mood, and assist with substance addiction such as cessation of cigarette smoking, alcohol, and even drug withdrawals. NAD drips have also shown benefits for weight loss and improving diabetes. 

NAD is safe supplement that has many benefits. However there are some known side effect during infusion, such as;

Nausea palpitations, diarrhea, flushing of face or body, stomach cramps during therapy.  

These can be alleviated by reducing the rate or the drip and therefore at My London Skin Clinic we ensure that the highest quality of NAD+ is given to you after a thorough consultation to reduce the risks of side effects.

If you are allergic to IV or Oral NAD+ then you cannot have this drip.

We advise that if you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking any immunosuppresants, then its best to avoid. If you are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy then avoid NAD+ IV drips.

If you are unsure whether you can take IV NAD+ therapy, then its best to come and see our Doctor for a free consultation prior to your treatment to discuss your options.

Yes you can! IV NAD can be given with other vitamins such as Vitamin B12 or Vitamin C to boost immunity, detoxification, anti ageing and reduce the side effects of NAD drips. Speak to our doctor to find out the best combination or protocol for you needs  

You are unique and so is your dosage. We dont offer a ‘one size fits all’ protocol. Your dosage is discussed with your doctor and your protocol is developed for you.

Book a complimentary call or consultation with our Doctor to discuss this further.

You are unique and so is your dosage. The question of how many times you can have NAD+ IV Therapy, and how often,  is something which can be discussed with our doctors. Usually this is dependant upon the clinical presentation and thorough medical history.

Therefore we advise you to come and see our doctor to discuss your personalised treatment protocol.

You are unique and therefore results will vary between individuals. We suggest booking a consultation with one of our Health and Wellness doctors to discuss the best treatment option for you.