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Hey, Dubai! Are you feeling run down and in need of a boost? Look no further than our 24-hour home service for IV Therapy in Dubai. Revitalize your body and mind with our selection of health and wellness products, designed to boost your energy and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Our team of medical professionals are here to deliver the goods. With a wide range of Vitamin IV Drip options, we can target specific health concerns, boost immunity, and give you the energy you need to power through your day, we’ve got you covered. Our vitamin booster injections, including the popular B12 injection and biotin injection, are a quick and easy way to give your body a much-needed boost of energy. And the best part? You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. That's right, we offer vitamin iv drip at home, office or hotel. Our intravenous therapy services can be done in the comfort of your own home, providing a convenient and safe way to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

For those looking for a full body detox, our liver detox and liver cleanse products can help remove toxins and impurities from the body, promoting a healthier immune system and clearer skin. Our vitamin drip  provides a range of benefits, including improved energy levels, enhanced immune function, and detoxification. Whether you're looking for a skin detox, detox for weight loss, or just a general body detox, our range of products and services can help you achieve your goals. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you with our selection of health and wellness products.
So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now and let's get you feeling like a superhero in no time.

Benefits of choosing My London Skin Clinic for your IV Therapy Dubai

'Available 24/7'

Whether you woke up with a hangover, feeling unwell or need an extra boost after an intense workout, we are available any time of day, any day of the week!

'We come to you'

Give us your address or hotel room and we will come to you. Experience IV therapy Dubai without having to get out of bed!

'Safety First'

Our Vitamin IV Drips are administered by our Western trained medical team with years of experience in IV Infusions, following the highest level of safety, sterility, and professionalism.



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Benefits of IV Therapy Dubai

- Full body rehydration
- Improves and boosts your immune system to fight off disease
- Improves symptoms of chronic illness and autoimmune diseases
- Increases energy and vigor
- Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals
- Gives you a full recovery of symptoms of a hangover
- Diminishes the effects of jet lag
- Reduces the recovery time for athletes and improves optimal performance and endurance
- Promotes better cardiovascular health
- Helps ease anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are here to help you.  You can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

“IV” stands for intravenous, which means fluid is administered directly into the vein. The fluid can cary and dependant on the requirement of each person.
IV therapy delivers a custom blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and medications directly into your bloodstream for an instant boost of health and wellness. You will be seen by a highly trained nurse who will go through the different options and tailor make the necessary therapy depending on how you feel and your body’s requirements. All you have to do is sit back and relax.
Oral supplements are consumed orally in the form of liquids, tablets, and capsules, but they tend to be very large and hard to swallow on a daily basis. On the contrary, in IV therapy, the nutrients are delivered straight to the body, enabling the nutrients to go straight to your bloodstream. This way, one can ensure that the nutrients are absorbed by the body much more effectively.
Research shows that vitamins and fluids given intravenously are significantly more powerful and effective, with 100% bioavailability compared to a 20-30% absorption rate through oral consumption. This makes IV therapy far more effective than consuming the medication orally.

Enhance hydration from the inside:
Fluids are the foundation of any IV drip. Apart from being an efficient way to deliver nutrients, IV therapy can hydrate your body far more efficiently than by simply drinking water.

Side effects of oral supplements:
Oral supplements must travel through the entire digestive tract which increases the chances of irritating different parts of the digestive tract. For example, some oral medications can cause acid reflux or an upset stomach. With IV therapy, there is no need to aggravate the digestive system or irritate the stomach lining.

No more pills to swallow: IV therapy can help get your nutrients without having to swallow any pills