Family Medicine

At My London Skin Clinic, we go beyond skincare to provide comprehensive family medicine services in Dubai. Our experienced team of UK board-certified physicians and healthcare professionals with extensive experience at UK NHS & private experiences from Harley Street are dedicated to conducting thorough health assessments, providing preventive care, managing chronic conditions, and offering specialised care for all. We believe in a personalised approach to healthcare, addressing the unique needs all to promote overall wellbeing.

We integrate family medicine and dermatology services, providing collaborative care for skin-related issues within the family context. Our modern and well-equipped facilities create a comfortable environment for all seeking high-quality healthcare services.

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Health Screenings

At My London Skin Clinic, we prioritise proactive and preventive healthcare through our comprehensive health screening services. Recognising the invaluable role of early detection in maintaining optimal wellbeing, our clinic offers a range of health screenings designed to empower you in taking charge of your health.

Our health screening services go beyond routine check-ups; they are tailored to address the unique needs of everyone. Whether you are seeking baseline health assessments, screenings for specific conditions, or comprehensive wellness evaluations, our experienced healthcare professionals are here to guide you. We believe that prevention is the key to a healthier future. Our health screening services are designed to be accessible, informative, and empowering.

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Sexual Health

Embarking on the journey of sexual health is a vital aspect of overall wellbeing, and My London Skin Clinic, we prioritise creating a supportive and confidential space for individuals seeking sexual health services. Our commitment is to empower you with information, guidance, and personalised care to ensure a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

Embarking on the journey of sexual health is a vital aspect of overall wellbeing, and at My London Skin Clinic we prioritise creating a supportive and confidential space for individuals seeking sexual health services. Our commitment is to empower you with information, guidance, and personalised care to ensure a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

Our sexual health services encompass a comprehensive range, including consultations for reproductive health, contraceptive counselling, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, and fertility assessments. Our experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals understand the sensitivity surrounding sexual health matters, and they are here to address your concerns with empathy and expertise.

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Weight Loss Management

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals understands that weight management is a multifaceted process, and we are committed to addressing the unique factors influencing your journey. Through comprehensive assessments, personalised nutrition plans, and evidence-based interventions, we aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

At My London Skin Clinic, we recognise that successful weight loss is not just about shedding pounds; it’s about fostering overall wellbeing. Our holistic approach considers factors such as dietary habits, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and any underlying health conditions that may impact your weight.

Whether you are looking to lose weight for health reasons, improve your overall fitness, or enhance your self-confidence, our clinic is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Our weight loss management services are designed to be practical, achievable, and focused on long-term success.

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Unmatched Expertise and a 360-Degree Approach

At My London Skin Clinic, your wellbeing is our priority.

We believe good health is the ultimate wealth.

Our approach focuses on nurturing your wellbeing from within – allowing your inner radiance to shine through.

Our ultimate goal is to help you flourish, thrive, and empower you to live life to the fullest.

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My Health, My Journey

Our wellness clinic in Dubai offers a full health and wellness check – specially designed to help you spot potential health risks at an early stage.

By monitoring existing conditions, preventing the development of serious medical issues, and increasing self-awareness, you can improve your chances of successful treatment and recovery.

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Dr Ahsan came highly recommended by a friend who is a longstanding client who looks incredible and natural for 61. I have had botox and fillers today and I am extremely happy with my results. I looked tired walking in and look and feel youthful walking out. Really very happy with the care I have received from the Doctor and the nurses.

My experience at the London Skin Clinic in Jumeirah Beach Hotel was fantastic! Dr. Zohaib was amazing – so genuine, caring, and skilled with my Botox and filler. His ethical approach was a big plus. The clinic itself is stunning, with a beautiful setup in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I'm genuinely delighted with the results and the thorough follow-up afterward. Huge thanks to Dr. Zohaib and the whole team for their expertise and great service.

Best clinic i have tried in this country with the best doctors. Doctor Ahsan has magic hands. I came for Botox and juvederm fillers. I wanted natural results and not a fake look. I wanted to improve jowls and my poor quality skin. Doctor Ashan recommended a liquid face lift using fillers. I have super natural looking results and I am super happy. I can’t wait to go back and do other treatments.

I had the pleasure of using the services of this clinic several times. I had botox and body treatments there. I honestly recommend this place, the service is at the highest level! very nice with great knowledge. The products they use for treatments are of really high quality!

Incredible service from Dr Zohaib at My London Skin Clinic. As a first timer to any Botox or fillers I was a little apprehensive but from start to finish I felt totally looked after and guided based on what I wanted as well as expert advice. We’ve achieved the perfect balance between receiving compliments from others without anyone noticing anything specific has been done. 100% recommended, in fact I already have to a friend!