Education, Skills & Specialisation

During his time in Internal Medicine, he realised that the main cause of disease progression in chronic illness is because patients are not able to modify their lifestyle. Although almost all clinical practice guidelines suggest lifestyle modification as the first line of treatment, most clinicians do not have the time or expertise to define what those changes should be. This led to his passion for understanding each patient’s unique root cause of disease and curating personalised treatment protocols to assist them in achieving improved health outcomes.

Dr. Ebenezer co-owns and operates a group of clinics in Malaysia, and expanded his practice to Dubai in 2022. As it is said in an African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Thus, Dr. Ebenezer decided to partner with the renowned botox brothers Dr. Ahsan and Dr. Zohaib, to pursue a greater symphony of Wellness and Aesthetics.

Dr. Ebenezer’s journey began during his teenage years where he was active in humanitarian and social works. He believes the pivotal moment in his life was when he witnessed an accident involving 8 young boys on a motorcycle and a car in a village in Cambodia. A doctor who stopped to assist imparted these words that changed his perspective of life. “ There are never enough doctors to save the world, but if you can save even one patient today, you may have saved someone’s world”.

Dr. Ebenezer graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod State Academy now known as Privolzhsky Research Medical University. He then went back to Malaysia to train as a physician. He did his training in Internal Medicine in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, one of South East Asia’s largest hospitals, and left for private practice full-time just after COVID.

Approach to Patient Care

Transparency and a constant commitment to patient care are at the core of Dr. Ebenezer’s preventive and longevity medicine philosophy. For Dr. Ebenezer, safety and maintaining high standards are paramount and non-negotiable aspects of his practice. Regardless of the specific intervention, his foremost aim is to provide precise guidance supported by robust evidence, striving for optimal and natural outcomes. He prioritises patient safety at all times while making use of the most cutting-edge laboratory technologies available.

By employing a comprehensive and individualised strategy, Dr. Ebenezer makes certain that his patients experience a sense of empowerment and involvement in their own health. He supports patient involvement in decision-making processes by teaching them about all aspects of their care. Through his professionalism, unwavering work ethic, and compassionate demeanor, Dr. Ebenezer is wholly committed to assisting each patient in achieving their health and longevity goals. To achieve the best possible health outcomes, his approach focuses on motivating patients to commit to their well-being by using state-of-the-art laboratory investigations to inform individualised lifestyle adjustments.