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Juvederm® and Restalyne® are the #1 dermal filler collections in the world. Our Doctors use a combination of these fillers to address your needs, whether you decide you want lip augmentation using Lip Fillers to plump and define your lips, or whether your facial symmetry has been disrupted by ageing and requires some harmonisation using under eye filler or cheek filler, or whether you just want a stronger defined Texas Jawline using jawline filler, whatever the need we have the treatment for you. We are proud to offer some of the best fillers in Dubai to help you achieve your desired look and ultimate skin rejuvenation. In addition, we also provide botox and fillers, skin booster injections and acne scars treatment to help you achieve healthy and glowing skin.
Interested in having a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty? Then using our advanced techniques we have the nose filler treatment for you, with minimal downtime and improvement to the overall shape and lift. With the use if Juvederm Filler we are able to achieve long lasting results.
Suffering with a small chin, or dimpling of the chin? Improvements can be achieved with chin filler to this area. Dark circles or hollow eyes troubling you? Then under eye filler and tear trough fillers can help you achieve the natural looking results using a choice of Juvederm or Restalyne fillers.
Some of our most popular services include Restylane filler, eye fillers, smile lines filler, nose fillers, cheek fillers, face fillers, and lip injections.

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How It Works

At My London Skin Clinic, we use FDA Approved Fillers for all our treatments. Fillers consist of injectable Hyaluronic Acid, or often referred to as HA fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin and it helps assist in the rebuilding and rejuvenation of tissue structures. Injecting HA filler injections help replace and rejuvenate lost volume as well as enhance features, all using HA which the skin recognises and trusts. This is also helpful when you require correction or enhancement of the face, such as masculinsation/feminisation of the jawline, lip filler augmentation, improvement of smile lines or full non surgical facial rejuvenation lift. As the filler is injected under the skin, it integrates with the skins natural hyaluronic acid leaving a much more youthful and healthier skin. Depending on the type of treatment needed you can use fillers to Plump, Enhance, Smoothen, Lift or Contour the Skin. Our range of dermal fillers and injections are used to enhance your natural beauty.

Consultation and Treatment

Our Consultant Doctors will discuss your concerns and after assessing your face the best management plan will be made bespoke for you. Most commonly the areas injected using Juvederm® and Restalyne® fillers are Lips, Cheeks, Chin and Jawline among the face. Under eye rejuvenation and Non surgical Rhinoplasty is also something our doctors specialise in and discuss with you during your consultation. Trust our experienced team for safe and effective dermal filling services in Dubai.

What to Expect During/After Treatment

We apply topical numbing cream to the area to be treated which allows the fillers to be injected with minimal discomfort. Results are almost immediate during the treatment and one can expect some swelling post procedure, which usually settles within 24/48hours. Rarely there is a risk of a bruise and if this occurs your body naturally heals the area within a few days.
The Fillers can last up to 18months and even after can have benefits to the underlying skin and tissues. Under the hand of our experienced doctors the risk of any complications are very low, yet if you have any questions please feel free to book in for a complimentary consultation.

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Yes our Doctors have MORE than 10 years experience injecting in the UK and UAE
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We Offer FREE Assessments worth (550AED) with our Specialist Consultant Doctors who will advise you on the Best treatment customised for you.
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