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Did you know....

Did you know that cosmetic Botox® can be used for a variety of treatments that include but are not limited to :
  • Botox Face- Anti wrinkle treatment using botox Injections for on the face to help soften the ageing process.
  • Eye brow lift or Botox Brow Lift giving you a fresher look
  • Forehead Botox to help with the deep frown lines
  • Nefertiti (neck) lines- help smoothen the lines around the neck which give away your age
  • Lip Lines or Smokers Lines often seen around the borders of the lips in smokers and also non smokers
  • Bruxism or Jaw Clenching treatment for teeth grinding
  • Hyperhydrosis or Excess Sweating of the underarm- sweaty palms and feet. We use Underarm Botox to help with this.
  • Botox for Migraines- treatment currently recognised by the NICE (National Institute of Clinical Guidelines) in the UK and injections for migraines are common place now.
  • Nose Botox- to help lift up the tip of the nose
  • Botox Under eyes- Help improve those fine lines.
  • Botox for Men- We understand that mens needs and desired results are often different to women and our doctors specialising in giving men the discrete results so not to give away any treatment they have, whether its antiaging treatment or cosmetic treatments.

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How It Works

At My London Skin Clinic, we use FDA Approved Allergan Botox® for all our treatments. During the treatment small microdroplets of Botox are injected using a tiny needle into the targeted muscle groups. Whether we use botox treatment for migraines, anti-ageing of the wrinkles on the face or Botox for jaw clenching, the mechanism of action is the same as it targets the muscles. This allows the muscle to relax and reduce the contractions of the muscles and therefore reduce the lines on the face, reduce jaw clenching strength and reduce migraine headaches. Some patients also are given ‘Baby Botox’, an advanced technique used by our doctors to ensure you are left with very natural results giving you that much needed freshness. Botox treatment for face is one of the most commonly performed procedure worldwide and has almost become as normal as having a facial.

Consultation and Treatment

Our Consultant Doctors will discuss your concerns and after assessing your face the best management plan will be made bespoke for you. Most commonly the areas injected using Botox® are the upper face frown lines and forehead lines, crows feet around the eyes, chin dimpling and masseter reduction. Botox® can also be used to treat Migraines in some patients.

What to Expect During/After Treatment

This is virtually painless procedure and within 15mins the whole face can be treated with little to no downtime at all. After 7-10 days you will gradually see some improvements with the full result being seen at 10-12 days. You are offered a Free Topup appointment at 2 weeks. Results last upto 6 months in most of our patients.

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Yes our Doctors have MORE than 10 years experience injecting in the UK and UAE
Yes our Doctors are Members of the Royal Colleges in London, UK
We Offer FREE Assessments worth (550AED) with our Specialist Consultant Doctors who will advise you on the Best treatment customised for you.

Yes we have before and afters which can show the results of our patients.