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Small beginnings… Large ambitions…

Many years ago, two brothers decided to embark on a mission. This mission would take them through both hardships and successes, but through sheer determination, drive and above all care for their patients, they would inevitably cross two continents in their pursuit of perfection. This is their story.

The Dream

Growing up together, both Dr Ahsan and Dr Zohaib were very competitive but also very supportive of each other. With successful parents encouraging them from a young age, both had early aspirations to succeed in all that they did. Whether it was in their studies or at sporting events, both parents would encourage them to achieve their potential. They were both always on a path to success. The story began when they were both accepted to pursue a career in Medicine at the prestigious University of London.

After Graduating respectively from St Barts & The Royal London, University of London at the young age of 22, both Dr Ahsan and Dr Zohaib found themselves working within the NHS hospitals in London. Dr Ahsan on his Surgical Rotations was always commended on his excellent manual dexterity skills, with an eye for perfection and with great patient satisfaction rates. His patient-centred approach was always at the forefront of his care.

Dr Zohaib also being passionate about his work always ensured his patients were receiving the best possible evidence-based care. This skill further developed during his time in surgical rotations where his senior doctors and also patients would commend him for his high level of care, meticulous attention to detail and delivering results, something which continued to develop over the years of training.

Both soon noticed the increase in patients attending with complications associated with aesthetic treatments, such as droopy eyelids from badly placed botulinum toxin injections, to serious complications such as necrosis from occlusion of blood vessels. Both knew something had to be done.

One night at the dinner table of a family event, their sister, who is an Optometrist, began talking about how she had also seen a rise of patients with post filer complications around the eye, and it was at this point the seed for the dream had been sewn. Both wanted to improve the standards of care given for these treatments, but how would they go about this? Something had to change.

The World Renowned Harley Street Clinic is Born

Both decided something had to be done and that the standards needed to be improved. They wanted to create a clinic which would drastically improve the safety and standards of care, and also operate holistically whilst working ethically for the patients.
The service they provided would adhere to the High standards that they had always followed, with great care given to evidence based protocols, thus providing the best care to all their patients. They would cater not only for aesthetic treatments, but also for the Health and Wellness of their patients, providing all the modern and state of the art treatments available. They decided what better way to approach this by starting a clinic in the world renowned Harley Street, London. The Clinic was Born and started operating in Harley Street London, slowly expanding to other branches covering all aspects of London and expanding into Essex.

Beginning of the Botox-Brothers

Within a few years Dr Ahsan and Dr Zohaib were well known to cover the ‘A-Z’ of aesthetics (pun intended!) and quite quickly developed a reputation for their good quality of work and hard work ethic. A patient one day referred to the doctors as the ‘Botox Brothers of Harley Street’ and the name spread like wildfire. Within a matter of weeks, we were getting calls asking to book in with the ‘Botox Brothers’ and just like that the name was born. Ten years went by with them providing amazing care for all their patients and clients and continue to grow in this success. Their patients now came from all over the world to see them in their renowned Clinics.

Dubai- Glitz and Glamour

Often their clients would come from the middle east for treatments and would always invite them to their countries for treatments. Dubai was a particular area of interest as many would consider this to be the heart of Aesthetics in the Middle East and a central location for all our international clients to come to. After visiting Dubai, we realised that there was an opportunity to further extend our vision in the region – providing evidence based, quality care to the people of Dubai. Here in Dubai, My London Skin Clinic was born.

Dr Ahsan is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), member of the British Medical Association (BMA), an associate member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP).
Dr Ahsan A Ullah, Medical Director of My Skin Clinic, has rapidly excelled in his aesthetic career having performed over a thousand procedures during his first year. He has been recognised by his clients as performing virtually ‘pain-free injections’. He specialises in facial rejuvenation for women, masculization of the male face and feminization of the female face, alongside anti-ageing treatments.
All our treatments are delivered with ease and comfort for our clients. We make sure we explain clearly what to expect and make sure our clients are comfortable not only during the procedure but also thereafter by providing aftercare and follow up. We strive to personify perfection and always aim to achieve the highest standards.

Dr Zohaib provides a wide range of aesthetic procedures. His expertise in specialist areas lie in Anti-ageing medicine with special detail to the management of the Tear Trough (under eye bags), cheek enhancements, Hand Rejuvenation, the Perfect lips and micropigmentation.

Rapid access to expert….

GMC / DHA registered

Our doctors are registered with the Dubai Health Authority and also UK Board Certified.

UK / International Trained Doctors

Our Doctors are educated and trained in London universities and highly accredited international institutes.

Experienced Consultant Specialists

All our doctors have over 10 years experience in their specialities and also train other doctors.